ALLISTAR D PETERS BIO: Compulsive Idea Generative

March 8th, 2010


Early each morning Allistar staggers to his home office/studio in Brooklyn NY to start work on projects at hand, this may be web design, sound creation or design, video editing and / or responding to emails from past and future projects - all while thinking of ideas for his next venture. He is anxious to sift through world news, often attracted to new technological and biological innovations, along with human atrocities and political missteps. He’s been to many places around the world and hopes to visit many lifetime.

Born on the island of Trinidad in Port-of-Spain, he is the first of five children. Very early on he developed drawing skills, replicating everything he can, and later in high school picked up painting along with his affinity for science and engineering, and tinkering with any and everything requiring a screwdriver to hack open. After graduating high school at age 16 he fell in love and pursued a career in music. This was inevitable because his father is also a musician.

Upon landing in the United States at the age of 19, Allistar attended college to pursue an Engineering degree but was derailed by the call of music once again. He later changed colleges and received a BM in Jazz Music Composition and Audio Engineering in Long Island NY. Since then he’s produced a few musical works for film, animation and harmonic electronic music along with a few ballads. Allistar Peters has a few IMDB mentions along with media coverage of his wearable projects highlighting surveillance.

After working in finance and news Photojournalism he felt the need to strengthen his knowledge and skill-set so he attended New York University where he obtained his Masters in Interactive Telecommunication (ITP). There he also stumbled into the world where Technology kisses Art. With this new attraction Allistar applied his knowledge and has produced works that reflect his passions while being conscious of the world around him. At the end he hopes to trigger a smile on people faces while drumming up awareness of social topics while exercising his creative hand.

Allistar’s current pursuits include Art Installations, use of Solar technology as a new household source of energy and beautification, web design - both User Experience (UX) and front-end and designing spaces and gadgets aimed at making people feel better. He is also constantly looking for new creative ventures, immersing himself and absorbing new information whilst increasing his knowledge pool. He gets the job done!

Allistar’s skill set includes but not limited to:
• Web and Interface User Experience Design (UX) - Graphic Design
• Physical User Interaction Design / Components Prototyping
• HTML – CSS – FLASH – AS2/AS3 – PHP - Processing, Java, MAX MSP/Jitter
• Sound Design - Audio Engineering
• Electronic Music Composition – Sound for Film Design
• Video Design - Editing - Composition
• Management and Collaboration


June 9th, 2009

February was 2009 ITP thesis video of Mia Xue Hou. Xue had posted on the school’s listseve asking about music for her piece. I suggested composing original music and offered to help out a fellow student, now alumni. We never met in person regarding the video and had little correspondence via email. But one night I really sat down and I have to say I am really happy with the outcome. Xue made a few changes to the final video but here’s the pre thesis cut.

Animated by: Xue Hou
Music by: Allistar D. Peters